V-defence: Your best line of defence for the workplace.

Justrite’s new line

of viral defence workplace safety products focused disinfection and sanitation and personal protection equipment to protect you and your workforce from infection during the pandemic and to improve overall hygiene at work.

Protecting workers from infection falls under general safety at work and requires all employers to take all reasonable precautions to prevent injuries or accidents in the workplace. Although each country will have its own tailored workplace protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic, here is an overview of some general guidelines:

  • Ensuring good hygiene including hand washing, hand sanitizing equipment such as disinfectants or wipes and avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene of the workplace and surface, especially high touch areas such as door handles, shared equipment to address spread via surfaces
  • Ensuring proper ventilation and air treatment to address spread via aerosols
  • Redesigning workstations, workflows, working procedures as well as staggering shifts and breaks to accommodate local social distancing protocols where possible
  • Where not possible to accommodate social distancing, providing the necessary personal protection equipment in according with local protocols such as face masks or shields, gloves
  • Ensuring workforce monitoring such as temperature controls and symptom awareness and testing procedures to alert, test and act to quickly identify and mitigate risk of infection at the facility including workers, contractors and visitors
  • Communication and training on local protocols including social distancing, self-quarantine, sick leave policies


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