Who is UL Environment and what is UL Validation

UL Environment is a wholly owned subsidiary of UL (Underwriters Laboratories). UL Environment is a new business, built upon a century-long legacy of product testing leadership and unparalleled public trust. UL Environment provides independent, 3rd party credible validation of green marketing claims.

UL Environment addresses various types of environmental claims, some of which include: recycled content, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and others.

Just like the assurance of a UL Listing – whether on safety products or electrical products in use at home, UL Environment helps customers feel confident they are choosing products that are truly "green" and good for the environment. The UL Validation is a way to combat "greenwashing." Greenwashing occurs when some manufacturers make self-declared claims about the environmental benefits of their products. A relatively new term, greenwashing is a practice of making unsubstantiated or misleading claims about the environmental benefits of a product.

Most of the products in Justrite’s EcoPolyBlend™ line of spill control have obtained the UL Validation as it relates to recycled content. The process to obtain validation includes:

  • Submission of proposals, quotes, contract and fee
  • Submission of detailed engineering drawings and specifications
  • ULE conducts initial recycled content verification audits and grants listing
  • In-person ULE recycle content verification audit at manufacturer
  • Annual audit and listing fee

Justrite’s investment in UL Validation is yet another step taken to offer customers high performance, compliant spill control products that are twice as good for the environment. EcoPolyBlend™ spill control products not only protect against groundwater contamination, they are made of post-industrial recycled content which might have otherwise been discarded into the waste stream.

Look for the UL Environment mark when it comes to spill control.

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