Laboratory Safety 101

Laboratories use flammable chemicals for experiments and analytical tests. Safely dispensing into vials, flasks and test tubes limits the risk of fire. It only takes a moment for a flammable liquid to catch fire and cause serious injury.

Using certified and controlled dispensing containers helps decrease the risk of fire, improving overall laboratory safety.

Prevent damage to property and injuries to people by using Justrite's approved range safety cabinets and safety cans for chemical storage in laboratories.

8904201 Safety Cabinet

Laboratory Chemical Risks

Laboratories store and use a variety of chemicals to support the research and testing requirements of their work. Some of the typical risks associated with hazardous laboratory chemicals include flammable and corrosive chemicals.


Justrite's free consultative survey, provided in a comprehensive format — known as STUD-E™ for STORAGE, TRANSFER, USE, DISPOSAL, and EVALUATION of flammable liquids — addresses the inherent concerns with handling volatile hazardous liquids.

Storage Transport Use Disposal Evaluation
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Safety Cans & Containers for Laboratories

Laboratory Metal Safety Cans

Designed for dispensing chemicals into smaller containers, Justrite metal laboratory cans are UL listed and/or FM approved.

Two dispensing container models are available: one for dispensing chemicals from a shelf, the other for dispensing from a tilt rack.

Flexible metal hoses thread into the faucets of both types of cans. This allows complete control when pouring chemicals into narrow openings.

Shelf dispensing containers

Tilt-rack dispensing containers

Shelf Dispensing Cans Steel Tilt Cans
Shelf dispensing cans feature a safety faucet at the base for gravity draining. A top spout provides access for refilling the safety can and also acts as a pressure relief vent. Shelf dispensing cans come in 9- and 19-litre sizes. The 19-litre tilt-rack laboratory can mounts directly into a sturdy tilt cradle. The dispensing spout is on the top of the can, on the opposite side to the fill spout. When dispensing, the tilting cradle allows the can to swing forward while holding the can securely on the benchtop. As in the shelf dispensing can, the fill spout also acts as a pressure relief vent.
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Non-metallic safety cans

Non-metallic safety cans are ideal for laboratory use. Their hard polyethylene material resists chemical damage.

Justrite cans feature a steel flame arrestor with a current-carrying carbon insert to ensure proper grounding. The oval shape of the 2- and 4-litre cans make them a popular selection for labs. Five oval cans occupy the same space as three round cans.


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Biohazardous Safety Cans

Polyethylene Biohazardous Cans

Galvanized Steel Biohazardous Cans

Liner Bags For Biohazard Waste Cans

Eagle Poly Waste Cans Justrite Steel Bio Waste Cans Justrite Bio Liner Bags

Eagle® BioHazardous Poly Waste Cans are constructed of red high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and offer safe temporary storage of potential biohazards.

Meets OSHA requirements for exposures to bloodborne pathogens. Will not rust or dent, are resistant to most chemical compounds.

Justrite® Biohazard Waste Containers meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 for the segregation of infectious waste. Use them to store contaminated laundry as well as other regulated waste.

Sturdy steel cans feature leakproof construction with a foot-operated, self-closing lid.

For the safe, temporary collection of biological waste.

The red colour is easily identifiable as biohazard bags. 11 microns thick, pack of 100.

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Justrite Safety Cabinets for Chemical Storage in Laboratories

Chemical Storage with ChemCor® Lined Safety Cabinets

The ChemCor® double-wall steel safety cabinets feature enhanced protection against corrosion from drips and off-gassing of harsh chemicals. A flame-coated thermoplastic liner on all interior walls, ceiling, sump, inside doors and shelves help prevent cabinet surfaces from rust and corrosion. The seam-free, non-porous surface resists staining and eliminates the need for rivets or other metal fasteners. Chemcor Lined Cabinets
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Corrosive Chemical Storage with Polyethylene Safety Cabinets

The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction of these safety cabinets suits the storage of strong acids and bases. They store chemicals like hydrochloric, sulfuric and nitric acids as well as sodium, potassium and calcium hydroxide. Polyethylene safety cabinets have no metal parts. Recessed channels in the shelves and base direct spills into a leak-proof sump. Corrosive Storage Cabinets
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Chemical Storage with Wood Laminate Safety Cabinets

The long-lasting construction of Justrite's wood laminate chemical storage cabinets provides exceptional strength as well as stainless steel handles and hinges to resist corrosion. They are ideal for highly corrosive chemical liquid storage. Wood Laminate Acid Cabinet
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