Justrite introduces its newest upcoming product range, Ozone Generators.

Ozone Generator DRP100

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that kills 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  “Ozone is one of the friendliest and cleanest ways of deactivating viruses and killing most any pathogen,” says M.G. Finn, chair of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Chemistry and Biochemistry. “It does not leave a residue, it’s easy to generate from atmospheric air, and it’s easy to use from an equipment perspective.”

Certifiable disinfection and deodorization treatments through controlled dosing is the only method that can guarantee the exact application of guidelines and protocols, and which allows you to certify the treatment performed. Comes with default protocol  for highest tested efficacy and protocols can be adapted to local regulations or recommendations.

Simple, versatile, safe

Controlled dosing is the only method that can guarantee the exact application of guidelines and protocols, and which allows you to certify the treatment performed.

Ozone Generator Simply Press Start

EXTREME SIMPLICITY: just turn on the machine and press the start button, the machine analyzes the environment, starts the treatment, reaches the target it switches off.

EXTREME VERSATILITY: once the work is finished, the times of the targets reached are indicated. The machine can be connected to a PC for real-time analysis of the progress of the environmental treatment. All operating functions can also be managed through external automation.

EXTREME SAFETY: constant direct display of the ozone concentration in the environment. Once the natural conversion of ozone into oxygen is complete, a controller indicates when it is possible to access the premises (according to Ministerial regulations).

How it works

The system is composed of an automatic controlled dosage ozone generator and an oxygen concentrator, all made with high quality components and great attention to ensure high efficacy and reliability in continuous and demanding use in professional and industrial environments. Designed primarily for the treatment of environments, air and solid bodies.

The machine, unique in its applications, was designed and built using the scientific foundations of the most important international research institutes. The technologies applied to this machine are innovative and exclusive, completely conceived and developed by our R&D department and protected in over 160 countries worldwide.

The outlet of the mixture of gases, oxygen-ozone, is available in three ways: direct ventilation - via a 80 mm diameter flexible hose - directly from the 7 mm diameter dispensing fitting. The outlet through flexible hose is very useful for the treatment of air ducts or for positioning the generator outside the environment to be treated. The direct outlet is used for the treatment of objects in bags or small containers and for the ozonation of water by means of an insufflator or Venturi tube.

The technical specifications

The heart of the appliance is made up of an ozone cell © PCCozone designed and built by our company. The cell is of the long-life watertight crown type (over 15,000 working hours), made with 96% pure ceramic dielectric and internal electrode in 316L stainless steel, withstands pressures up to 1 bar. Constant production (-5% at thermal regime) is guaranteed by forced ventilation and good thermal stability of the external electrode. Equipped with electronic control for the suppression of internal electric discharges and thermal protection.

Ozone Generator Plug In

The appliance uses © ASPozone technology, this is an automated procedure program for the exact dosage of gas in the environment. The process, through the use of an environmental analyzer, expressly follows the scientific methods most used internationally: ET (End Time) program, once the desired concentration is reached, the machine ends the generation of ozone, the calculation carried out by the software considers the ascent and decay to ensure the persistence of the necessary gas.

The system is particularly suitable for any type of environment such as: clinics, hospital rooms, waiting rooms, hotel rooms, shops, premises dedicated to the processing and storage of food, animal farms, restaurants, bars, canteens, offices , classrooms, kindergartens, printed paper archives, changing rooms, cars, boats etc.

Furthermore, thanks to our © MBIozone technology, it is possible to obtain a high concentration of ozone in the water. The pneumatic circuit, integrated in the system, produces high pressure micro-bubbles, thus increasing the action surface of the blown gas. The results are surprising, in some cases, through simple atmospheric pressure contact tanks, a concentration of over 15 ppm has been reached.

CERTIFICATIONS: CE (European Conformity), REACH, ROHS, Made in Italy, Composition of gas mixture, Hourly ozone production.

The products

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MRA Ozone Generator

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