This is a big month for berms! We have 3 major berm announcements to make

  1. We have started producing custom size berms here in the Netherlands
  2. We have launched our new Make-A-Berm product
  3. Price reductions on a number of our bestselling Berms

But first what is a berm?

A secondary spill containment berm is a device which can be used to around primary containers such as drums or cans prevent chemical spills should the original container fail or leak. They can come in all materials, shapes and sizes mostly resembling a big tray on the ground. Depending on the capacity, the berm may be square or rectangle with 20-30cm walls all the way around.  They are placed where spills are most likely to occur such as under chemical drums, large equipment or oil tanks. The berm can than catch and contain any spills. The main reason you want to prevent spills is to prevent environmental pollution. If oil or other hazardous chemicals leak into your drains you could contaminate water supplies by leaking into natural reserves, beaches or oceans or leaching into groundwater.  Spill containment berms keep contaminants out of the water supply.

Where can you use berms?

Like previously mentioned secondary spill containment such as berms are required anywhere you are using or storing hazardous substances. This would include chemical drums, large equipment, chemical tankers, military fuel trucks, commercial fuel trucks, chemical tankers, generators, storage tanks, IBC’s, fuel trucks, GEN sets, trucks, generators, military equipment, transformers and oil tankers.

How big does my berm have to be?

This depends on the hazardous liquid it could be holding and your local regulations. In England and Wales when it comes to oil the berm must have a capacity of at least 25% of the container it is holding. If multiple containers are placed in the berm, the berm must be able to hold 25% of their combined capacity.

For example, if you have a 200-litre oil drum, your berm must have a capacity of at least 50 litres. If you have two 200 Liter drums in one berm, that berm must have a capacity of 100 Liters.

If you would like to learn more about UK laws regarding oil storage click the link below

We have started producing custom size berms here in the Netherlands


In Dutch tradition when a baby is born the father brings a special treat for their colleges: Beschuit met muisjes. This literally translated to biscuits with small mice. Well, last week we were all excited to celebrate the birth of the first “baby berm” here in the Netherlands. The 4 fathers are pictured above.

The Rigid Lock Quick Berm is perfect for long term spill containment for vehicles, heavy equipment and tankers.

Coated PVC with Radio Welds are Flexible and Secure

The Rigid Lock Quick Berm is made of one continues piece of coated PVC. Exceptionally strong structural integrity includes a reinforced CriticalCorner™ design featuring wraparound diagonal radio frequency welds to prevent billowing, unwrapping, or sagging of the corners during full containment for fluid-tight reliability. This means there are no seams to split or fail. Additionally, Rigid-Lock supports will perform at full-rim containment height—meaning the berm is entirely full—without bend or buckles. The coated PVC is UV resistant so perfect for outside use and offers great resistance against petrol, oils, greases and most acids.

Quickly Deployed and Removed for Temporary Storage

The Rigid Lock Quick Berm is easily deployed. Simply remove from the box and flip up the locks along the sides. The patented Rigid Locks wall supports can be flipped down to allow for vehicles to drive over it.  When in the down position, they can withstand vehicle weights in excess of 5,000 kg at each tire. 

This allows forklifts or other transport vehicles to place or remove full pallets and large containers in the berm, making the Rigid Lock Quick Berm perfect for the temporary storage of chemical supplies for construction sites, events or temporary extended storage for factories.  Each support of the berm even has space for an anchoring hook to protect it in windy conditions. When anchored and in the up position, wall brace support withstands winds of up to 40 miles per hour.

Custom Sizes

Justrite manufactures a large range of standard sizes in addition to custom sizes.  Our berm team can produce the perfect size berm to meet your requirements. To find the volume of your Custom Berm just take the width x length x 30 (the height of the walls. To read more about calculating berm capacity click here (

We have launched our new “Make-A-Berm” product

This new and innovative product lets you make your own berm. Sometimes you are storing chemicals in difficult to reach places where one of our normal berms are not suitable. The “Make-A-Berm” lets you make a custom berm to suit your needs. This is perfect for when you need spill containment in an odd shape to work around some preexisting immovable obstacles.

The sides are made from a modified PVC which is highly resistant to oils, gasoline, acids and other liquids.

The  Make-A-Berm is very easy to install and comes with everything you need. To download our installation instructions please click here. Everything you need is included in the box, simply unroll the foam inserts, cut to size and glue to the floor. Then you can use the corner pieces to connect it all together.

You can even step on and roll hand carts over the foam inserts and they will return to their original shape with no memory loss. This is because they are made from crush-resistant material

Price reductions on a number of our bestselling spill protection

We are happy to announce we have reduced the price on 2 of our spill protection solutions. You can click on any of the products below to view their new price in our customer portal.

Ceiling Leak Diverter

The first is the ceiling lead diverter. The perfect product for redirecting ceiling or pipe leaks and preventing water damage as well as slips and falls. Simply attach it to your ceiling under your leak and place the attached hose into a nearby container to capture the water safely.

Maintenance Spill Berm

The next reduced product is the Maintenance Spill Berm. This product is used for quickly containing minor spills and leaks during the temporary storage of drums, machine parts batteries and equipment. There is no assembly required and simply unfold out of the box and use. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our spill containment solutions. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here or give your sales representative a call. We are always happy to help.